Promisedesign- new design from Israel

The aim of Promisedesign is to present Israeli design abroad and make it visible to the world.

The philosophy beneath the selection of the works is to include the various reality that compose the rich and peculiar panorama of the design in this country, gathering together experimental and innovative design made by individuals, studios, self production sector or industries.

The project steps from an idea of Ely Rozenberg, an Israeli designer that curated, together with the Italian historian of design Vanni Pasca, the two main exhibitions "Promisedesign 2005" and "Promisedesign 2011" presented in Milano during the Salone del Mobile.

The two collective exhibitions traveled all over Europe. In  2005:  "Design May" in Berlin, "Copenhagen International Furniture Fair". The second edition in  2011:  "Designers Days" in Paris, "Design Parade in southern France" at Vallette du Var and "Design September" in Bruxelles.

The two exhibitions were supported by the cultural office of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Given the success and the positive feedback we received, we keep on working to create a permanent point of reference for the Israeli design in international design events.

We hope that "Promisedesign" will become an annual appointment for gathering the best of the design from Israel.